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  1. Tqa London says

    Oh my, I’ve been meaning to post about my What’s In My Bag (new norm version) since last year. I totally forgot about it until I read this post. Okay, now I have to get it done haha

    I can’t leave without my Nivea Delicious Drop lip balm but now hampir habis, mula rasa nak panik sebab lip balm tu ada dekat Japan je T.T how to replenish it now stresssss! And my unscented sanitiser. I prefer mist over gel sebab senang spray merata, and everything I’m about to touch.

    Btw, I loveeee your wallet. Small but practical ??

    • byblane18 says

      cepat post nak baca! hehe. i don’t do personal shopping biz but if you want to kirim stuff from Japan just let me know ok. I can post from here 🙂

  2. bynadiajamhari says

    Haha, inside my bag would always only have wallet and phone. Btw, I just know that you are at Japan. How many years you at there. Dulu saya ada apply JPA nak belajar dekat situ, tapi takde rezeki :((((

    Harap satu hari nanti dapat pergi ke sana :’)

    • byblane18 says

      Hii I dah dekat sini 5 years. Oh really? Actually ada banyak program for Masters/PhD kat sini if nak sambung belajar.
      Amin, hopefully one day you dapat pergi sini :))

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