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  1. Tqa London says

    I always go to pinterest or read other bloggers’ new blog posts to get inspired. But nowadays, I just post whatever comes to mind, or sometimes i will check my gallery and find a lot of cafes and travel photos that I was supposed to blog about but left untouched. That’s when I get to work. So you might find a lot of throwback posts on my blog haha

    Been thinking of revamping my blog as well but wow, lately templates are sooooo expensive. I guess I just have to keep chanting “your blog is fine as it is” in my head over and over again.

  2. bynadiajamhari says

    Hi, first of all your blog is so calm. I really love it, the design is so beautiful especially for comments part. I find it cool, What technology you use for this comment part.

    I always look any information at social media when create posting in my blog. But nowadays, I just create what ever that comes to my mind. haha. Lets be friend!!!

    I Love your blog so much.

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