• Tokyo TeamLab Borderless for Anniversary: Worth It?

    Last week when I was taking cat photos for my previous post, I noticed there were untouched pictures from our anniversary last year and that got me into a realization that I haven’t made any post about it because last year I was occupied with other things. So here I am, writing a year old… READ NOW

    Tokyo TeamLab Borderless for Anniversary: Worth It?
  • My Cat Story 1.0

    “It must be nice to have a cat” I said. “I guess so” he replied. Everything was unplanned. It all started when I casually told my husband that it would be “nice” to have a cat around, and almost magically, one of his friends were looking for someone to take care of his cat, and… READ NOW

    My Cat Story 1.0
  • Feel better INSTANTLY with these 7 things

    “Take your time” are my favorite words. It’s comforting, assuring and kind. / Happy Friday loves. Today I want to share 7 EASY things that make you can do to feel better almost instantly, especially on those days where you don’t feel like being a productivity machine. Or when you need to unwind  🙂 ❀… READ NOW

    Feel better INSTANTLY with these 7 things
  • Quotes Roundup 1.0

    I have been re-embarking my reading journey since last two months, and I have been seeing this book EVERYWHERE from TikTok to Instagram. The title is 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna Wiest. – Hi loves, hope you are good and coping well. It’s been raining for few days straight… READ NOW

    Quotes Roundup 1.0
  • Current Handbag Essentials

    Hi loves, how are you guys coping? I’ve been well, woke up a bit late today. My head was hurting bad last night, I suspect it from the excessive amount of time I spent in front of the monitor yesterday. It’s summer here now so days are a bit warmer but I like it. It… READ NOW

    Current Handbag Essentials






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